“Ukatamanga weka utamangisa, tikatamanga awili, tifikapatali" - When you run alone, you run fast. When you run together, you run further - Zambian Proverb

Research and Training Programme

Research Projects

At UNZA-UCLMS we believe research and capacity development go hand in hand. Our basic science, translational clinical and clinical trials research is focussed on killer infectious diseases of adults and children, particularly respiratory tract infections,  including TB, TB/HIV-co-infection, bacterial sepsis and opportunistic infections. In Zambia we strive to acquire knowledge that will contribute directly to improved patient care at both UTH, and within the community. We believe that more accurate diagnosis of complex co-infections in HIV/AIDS could lead to better treatment, reducing morbidity and mortality.

Our Research Studies

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Diagnostic & Therapeutic Clinical Trials
Prevalence and Aetiology Studies
Technology Research & Development

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Capacity Development

As a Zambian-led organization, we are passionate about training and developing local scientists, and offering the employment opportunities necessary to allow Zambians to pursue a career in medical research locally, without having to re-locate. We feel that medical research is a growing part of the Zambian economy and that there are opportunities to follow in South Africa's footsteps, and become regional leaders in this sector.

Central to this objective, is the transition from making Zambia a great place to evaluate imported medical technologies, to a great place to develop medical technology, with the ultimate goal of becoming a medical technology exporter. We have several studies ongoing in which we intend to develop infectious disease diagnostic assays, which are both affordable and tailored towards the pathogen strains specific to sub-Saharan Africa.

Our training programmes involve both short course and extended post graduate training, through both the University of Zambia School of Medicine and our international partners.

UNZA-UCLMS Mentorship Programme

UNZA-UCLMS currently assists 15 MSc, MMed and PhD students who require research support. 

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