“Ukatamanga weka utamangisa, tikatamanga awili, tifikapatali" - When you run alone, you run fast. When you run together, you run further - Zambian Proverb

Research and Training Programme

ADAT - Active Detection of Active Tuberculosis

ADAT is a EuropeAid-funded €5m grant in collaboration between the University of Zambia, University College London, the University of Munich and the Mbeya Medical Research Programme (MMRP) in Tanzania. The project’s aim is to improve TB-related infrastructure, public awareness and to conduct basic science to evaluate new TB diagnostic tools. The project has four distinct components:

  1. To reinforce existing TB health infrastructure within Lusaka by renovating and purchasing essential equipment for the UTH laboratories and rolling  out LED microscopy services to district health centres.
  2. To create public awareness of the dramatic TB situation through education campaigns including dramatizations, radio programmes and door-to-door community engagement.
  3. To evaluate and monitor the impact of active case finding in high risk populations, utilizing new diagnostic tools.

ADAT team Sept 2011